No need to gamble with the success of your event
Racecourses and gambling of course go hand in hand. Traditionally, games such as the infamous ‘Shells and Pea‘ and ‘Three Card Monte’ have been played around the track and exponents have proved to be ever popular villains to everyone except their unfortunate victims.

Played purely for entertainment but with very genuine sleight-of-hand skills, guests may enjoy the thrill of trying to beat the cheat at his own game but in the knowledge that their inevitable loss will not leave them out of pocket.

Raceday Hospitality
Add to their overall racecourse experience. Between races, as part of the hospitality, guests can enjoy the chance to pit their wits against an expert as they play traditional racecourse con-games without the risk of personal loss.

Corporate Events / Weddings
When the racecourse is being used as a venue for private or corporate events, add to the success of the event with a themed entertainment in keeping with the fact that it is taking place at a racecourse.

Conference Days
Where conference facilities are available, I can provide light relief with a talk that fits in with their day which may also have a racecourse theme. This is particularly effective in settling and re-focusing delegates following the lunch-break in readiness for a keynote speaker.

By Royal Appointment
Even the Queen has attended one of ‘my’ events – okay, she was there somewhere!

“That was amazingly good fun;
we will definitely use it again”