Casino Nights


There is little doubt that most people are fascinated by gambling and fun casino nights are always a success. Most have also heard of ‘card sharps’ and ‘gambling cheats’ but very few have ever been in the privileged position of being able to watch from a few feet away. In the right circumstances, I even hand out real banknotes for guests to play with so that they can experience first hand that it is impossible to beat an expert. This makes for an enormously popular attraction.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to pit your wits against a top gambling cheat? Although played purely for entertainment, the multi-award winning sleight of hand skills are very much for real. Keep your money in your pockets as you sit back and enjoy an entertaining glimpse into the techniques a professional gambler could use to fleece you with absolute ease.

Although played for fun and entertainment, my gambling skills are very real and have won many top awards within Magic but be warned… once witnessed, you might never play cards with strangers again!

Corporate or Private Events
Casino nights can provide excellent corporate entertaiment and over recent years become increasingly popular. My demonstration of very real card and gambling skills makes the perfect addition.

Trade Shows and Exhibitons
The chance to watch a professional gambler has a great fascination and it is almost impossible to walk past without taking a look. In short, it is a people magnet, which makes it ideal for your Trade Show or Exhibition.

I have a number of fun methods by which business cards or contact details can be collected. I can also offer the chance to win prizes… with you deciding who you would like to win or lose!

“I certainly wouldn’t
like to play cards
with you !!”