Orient Express


The Orient Express is perhaps the most famous and prestigious railway company in the world. Reproducing the ambience of train travel from its luxuriant heyday, the trains are superbly restored original Pullman ‘Belle’ carriages of the 1930’s. Passengers enjoy immaculate surroundings, superb food and service and beautiful scenery to take their breath away.

As if all of this wasn’t magic enough, the Orient Express decided to feature me as an onboard magician, to circulate amongst the passengers and diners to provide high quality background entertainment, adding to the experience and helping it to live up to the ‘once in a lifetime experience’ that guests want to remember for the rest of their lives.This has proved to be enormously popular, fitting in well with the refined surroundings and jubilant atmosphere.

No matter how prestigious your occasion, event or clients, my sophisticated close-up entertainment can add that little ‘extra something’ to make it all the more special.

Not so Romantic
In the centre of the train was an original Pullman Buffet car converted to an onboard shop. By introducing some gentle ‘product placement’ up and down the train to make passengers aware of the facility where ‘hard sell’ would be inappropriate, revenues were greatly improved.

Whilst entertaining, using a magician can also offer good business sense.