2004 Best Speaker Award
presented by the British Federation of Enterprise Agencies.


Conferences, be they sales and marketing, managerial or technical, are generally made up of series of related presentations. These are quite often heavy in content making it difficult for delegates to maintain their full attention.

I am able to offer a variety of presentations which, although in-keeping with the day, offer a light relief to offer a useful recharge periods after which, experience has proved, delegates are able to listen to keynote speakers with renewed interest, thereby increasing the overall effectiveness of your day. This is particularly effective in settling and re-focusing delegates immediately after the lunch break – a spot notoriously unpopular with most speakers.

Themed Content
I have a variety of presentations that may be part customised where required. Examples have included a mind-control presentation used to make the point that “there is much more to communication than what is transmitted verbally“, and a gambling expert presentation used to make the point that “even where there is apparently little risk, risk IS undoubtedly present and needs to be managed“.

If you have a particular conference planned, I may be able to suggest a presentation that would remain within the outline theme of your day and may be able to communicate bullet points in an entertaining and memorable way.

“Thank-you for a very
entertaining talk which
also got over some
important points