Bunco Booth


Play The Hustler At His Own Game
Have you ever witnessed a street hustler effortlessly fleece his onlookers with such classics as ‘Find the Lady’, ‘Pricking the Garter’ or ‘The Shells and Pea’? Have you ever been witness to a professional card sharp fleecing his victims with incredible ease? And fleeced they were because in all such activities, the exponent is making every use of artful misdirection, extraordinary skill and deftness of sleight of hand.

Street hustlers everywhere, from the side streets of bustling Spanish towns to New York’s downtown Manhattan are great crowd pullers and ever popular villains to all but their unfortunate victims. I have managed to harness this with my highly original and professionally presented Bunco Booth. Here is the chance for anyone to play the hustler at his own game, the difference of course being that any money involved is provided by me allowing everyone to simply be entertained and amused by the ways that I unfailingly win it back.

Corporate and Private Entertainment
Although played for entertainment, genuine bank notes are handed out to guests to play with which they get to keep if they win. Can you begin to imagine how popular this makes the Bunco Booth as an attraction?

Trade Shows and Exhibitons
Attract visitors and invited VIPs to your trade stand. Where favourable, you can have complete control over who wins meaning that spot prizes or branded merchandise can be reserved for your important clients with an apparently very fair mechanism.

“That was amazingly good fun;
we will definitely use it again”