Magic has many facets ranging from children’s parties to stage illusion shows – neither of which I do!

I am however, able to offer a variety of quality entertainments to suit different occasions. The most appropriate one will depend on the particular requirements for your event and mix of people you want to impress.

Close-up Magician
Coins, cards and other objects appear, disappear, transpose and otherwise defy the laws of physics.

Mixed groups of people give a range of gratifying reactions including shrieks of laughter, spontaneous applause or, my favourite of all, just pure stunned silence.

Performances are generally for small groups. They can touch and handle indeed, much of the magic actually takes place in their hands.

Mind Magic
No-one has ever asked whether I genuinely have the ability to make a dice magically travel from one hand to the other. When working as a psychic entertainer however, I constantly get asked whether it is for real.

For both genders, this can be a very surreal experience. It has been shown beyond reasonable doubt that I have read your thoughts or influenced your actions in a way that would seem unbelievable… but you just experienced it!

Gambling Cheat
Although the skills are sometimes very much the same, they are used to show how a professional gambling cheat or street con-artist can deceive you.

You know that you are going to lose, but here is the chance to affirm that you would have in an entertaining manner without risking any of your own money indeed, I often hand out twenty pound notes for you to play with.